1st Impressions Team

The Most Familiar Faces At Grace Life,

One of the marvelous wonders of being a fully devoted follower of Christ and attending Grace Life Church is being greeted by familiar faces when entering a church service. It is these faces which briefly remind us of the happiness which comes from being a christian. At Grace Life Church we love our first impressions team! This group of individuals works extremely hard to help all newcomers and regular churchgoers easily find their way into our services and events.

We are incredibly thankful

Our first impressions team has so many different volunteers that help serve our church such as the parking lot team, our greeter team, guest services, coffee bar, hospitality, and ushers. If you are  a member at Grace Life Church and you would like to serve in this area of ministry please contact us at info@gracelifechurch.tv

If you’re not a member, simply attend all of our Starting
Point Classes to find your place on our Dream Team!